Date and Time PowerPoint

Adding date field on PowerPoint slide master

By default PowerPoint doesn’t have a date field on slides, but it’s pretty straight forward to add one. We’ll cover that first, but then we’ll cover what to do if you have deleted the date box from your slide master and want to add it back so that your slide master has a date that […]

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Selection pane in the ribbon

Selecting objects in Word

Sometimes in Microsoft Word when working with lots of objects such as images, text boxes, and shapes you might find it difficult to click the object you want, especially when they are overlapping. This is especially common when people are making newsletters or leaflets.

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Windows 10 Clipboard first time

Windows 10 Clipboard, smarter copy and paste

Want to paste something you copied a minute ago, only to realise you copied something else since.. No problem, Windows 10 has a clipboard for that! You can still use the old Ctrl + V to paste the last thing you copied, but for everything else there’s a new way…

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