Delay delivery of emails in outlook

Outlook has the capability of waiting a set amount of time between clicking send, and sending the email. This can be useful if you hit send by accident or find a mistake in an email after the fact. Having the delay enabled allows you to cancel the email and correct it.

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Opening colleagues calendars in Outlook

If you have an Exchange email environment (Usually if your organisation has an exchange email server or uses Office 365) you will have the ability to view other calendars. These may be shared resources or other people’s. What you can do with the other calendar depends on what permission you have been given by either […]

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What is Clutter in Outlook? How do I turn it on/off

Clutter is outlook’s way of minimising the unwanted emails in your inbox. It tracks your email activity noting the type of emails you read and reply and the ones you ignore or delete and then uses this information to decide what to deliver to your inbox and what to deliver into a folder named Clutter. […]

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