Choose another app windows 10


Files don’t always open with the program you want them to. You may have a specific program for viewing pictures that you prefer over the built in solution for Windows. This is one of the many customisable settings in Windows.


  1. Find a file you want to open with a different program. We’re using Text document.txt on the Desktop.
    Text Document icon
  2. Right click the file and select Open With and then left click Choose another app.
    Choose another app windows 10
  3. This will bring up a list of available programs to open that file with. Tick the Always use this app to open files box and then left click the program you want to open these types of files follow by the OK button.
    Always open file with App windows 10

    The program will then open the file and will do so for all other files of that type in the future.

  4. You will also see that the icon has changed to match the program it opens with.
    Notepad++ Text Document.png


If the program you want doesn’t show up in the small list, try clicking the More Apps button to show a bigger list of available programs.

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