It is possible to give access to your inbox and calendar to another person within outlook, this could be used in cases of long leave at work or maybe you have a personal assistant.


Delegating access to another user:

  1. Left-Click on the File tab in the top left hand corner.
  2. From here Left-Click Account Settings and then Left-Click on Delegate Access.
  3. Left-Click Add.
    Address book lookup
  4. Search for the contact in the top left box and click go.
  5. Select the contact from the list, then click Add->.
  6. Repeat steps 4 or 5 for as many people as you want, then Click OK.
  7. Select the permissions for each of the Outlook areas you want to give the selected people. Only give what’s needed, if you leave the default editor permission for the calendar, the people will be able to move and create entries in your calendar without asking first.
  8. Once the permissions are assigned decide if you want to tick the remaining tick boxes:
    1. Automatically send a message to delegate summarising these permissions – Will email the people you have selected telling them they have the permissions you set above
    2. Delegate can see my private items – If you give someone access to your calendar, they can see all appointments, unless you have marked an appointment as private, in which case the appointment will simply show as private appointment.
    3. Click OK.
  9. They now have the permissions you set, none of the things will automatically open on the delegates Outlook, they will have to tell Outlook to open the items.












Adding an inbox and calendar after being delegated:

  1. Go into File in the top left of the screen
  2. From File then go into Open and Export and then Other User’s Folder
  3. You can either type in the name manually or Left-Click on name and then select whomever delegated you your access
  4. Left-Click ok and then it will be open and ready to use (based on the permissions they set)


Removing delegated access:

  1. Go into File 
  2. Then into Account settings and select Delegate Access
  3. From here you can remove users from the delegates list by selecting them with Left-Click and then Left-Clicking Remove
  4. Click OK to confirm you are done
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