If you find you computer has no connection to the Internet or network using Wireless it may be because you have flight mode enabled.

Flight mode disables all your wireless communication e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth, this is designed to be used when using the laptop or phone on a plane, but can get enabled by accident.



If flight mode is enabled you will see an aeroplane symbol in your system tray

Example of flight mode symbol

If flight mode is not enabled you will see your normal network icon

Example of Ethernet symbol

To disable flight mode:

  1. Click the aeroplane symbol
  2. Click the Flight mode button

Example of Wireless controls in Windows 10

The same network list will appear if you click the network icon when Flight mode is disabled.


You can also use the action center to see your flight mode and other settings, just click the action center button the bottom right corner of your screen

Windows 10 Action Center

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