If you’re having issues getting your projector to work, there are a few things to try before deciding there’s a fault.


Projector is displaying a blank desktop or mirroring my screen:

If your projector is displaying an image but isn’t in the right one, for example it may be showing a blank desktop when you want to mirror your laptops screen to the projector, you simply need to change what mode your second display is running in. Check out our article on Changing the mode of external displays (Windows 10).


Projector not showing all of the image:

Your projector’s image may be appearing perfectly on the display but is slightly misaligned. This is most commonly caused by the projector itself not being physically aligned and just needing to be moved slightly to be center on the screen. If the image is centered but parts of it are cut off, you may need to change the Keystone of the projector. This varies from different models of projector.

1. Some projectors have physical buttons to adjust the Keystone, this will be labeled on the projector itself and look similar to the ones shown below. They may also be labeled as Adjust Horizontal/Vertical and may include words such as Alignment or Postition.

2. Other projectors allow you to adjust the Keystone in the menu which can be accessed from a menu button found on your remote or the projector buttons. In the menu, you need to look for the Image or Picture settings, in there you will find the Keystone settings. (It may also be called Alignment)


Adjusting the resolution from your laptop:

If the image on the projector appears distorted or the wrong size, you may need to change the resolution of the display output.

1. Right click on your desktop and select display settings. A settings window will appear with all your display settings.

Windows 10 display settings - mirrored display

2. You need to left click on the drop down box labeled Resolutions, you’ll receive a long list of different resolutions, left click on the one with (Recommended) in the name. Your screen may flicker. You will have 15 seconds to confirm the new setting is what you want, or windows will revert the resolution back to the previous setting, so if after changing the resolution you can’t see anything, don’t worry it will automatically revert.

Windows 10 resolution select


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