You can enable Windows 10’s quiet hours mode to stop notifications from making sound and appearing on screen. This can help you concentrate if you’re working on an important document and want to be free from interruptions or giving presentations.


  1. Left click the Action center button in the bottom right of your task bar or press windows key + a to show the action center.
    Notifications button
  2. At the bottom you will see a set of icons and a small line of text that says Expand, click Expand (if you see a large group of icons and the text says Collapse, move on to step 3)Windows 10 action center
  3. You should see the Quiet Hours option, it will have a moon icon, click it to turn quite hours on/off
    Action center quiet hours



If you right click Quiet Hours in action center then left click on go to settings  you will be taken to your notification settings, where you can adjust what apps can send you notifications.

You can also turn on/off Quiet hours by right clicking on the Action center icon.

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