Selection pane in the ribbon


Sometimes in Microsoft Word when working with lots of objects such as images, text boxes, and shapes you might find it difficult to click the object you want, especially when they are overlapping. This is especially common when people are making newsletters or leaflets.


Word has a very simple alternative to moving other objects to click the one you want.

The Selection Pane shows you all the objects in your document making it easy to select them.

To see the Selection Pane;

  1. Whilst in Word, choose the Layout tab
  2. Click the Selection Pane button in the arrange group
    Selection pane in the ribbon
  3. The Selection Pane opens on the right, listing all the objects in the document, simply click an object in the list to select it.

Once you’ve selected an object, your next actions will apply to it, such as delete, changing colour, adding borders etc..


You can rename any object in the list by double clicking it to make it easier to manage

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