Your default printer is the printer that Windows assumes you want to use when you click print in any program. You can change the printer at that time, but the next time you go to print Windows will go back to the default printer again.

By default Windows 10 managers your default printers itself. This means that Windows will set whichever printer you used last as your default. This can be helpful if you work from different locations often but if you generally print to one printer and only occasionally print to another, this setting can be annoying.


The first thing you will need to do is tell Windows to stop managing your printers. This will allow you to then set the default for yourself.

To stop Windows managing your printer:

  1. Click the Action Center button in the bottom right of the screen
    Notifications button
  2. Click All Settings
  3. Once the settings window opens, choose Devices
  4. Select Printers & Scanners from the left menu
  5. Scroll down below your printers and make sure Allow Windows to manage my default printer isn’t ticked
  6. Click the printer you wish to set as default
  7. Click Manage
  8. Click Set as Default


You can also get the printers screen by clicking the start button and typing Printers.


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