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New Sharper Edge

If you’ve used Windows 10 for a while or at all, you’ve probably used Edge, it’s the built in Web browser for Windows 10. It’s ok, it’s not great, ok, sometimes it awful. After years of trying to convince us it’s not that bad, Microsoft gave in and started building a whole new browser called… […]

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Windows 10 Clipboard first time

Windows 10 Clipboard, smarter copy and paste

Want to paste something you copied a minute ago, only to realise you copied something else since.. No problem, Windows 10 has a clipboard for that! You can still use the old Ctrl + V to paste the last thing you copied, but for everything else there’s a new way…

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Add a VPN connection to your computer (Windows 10)

You may find yourself needing to access resources on a network when you’re away from it. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the simple solution to this as it makes a direct connection between your computer and that network. It’s very much like running a cable from wherever you are to your work.

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Quiet Hours in Windows 10

You can enable Windows 10’s quiet hours mode to stop notifications from making sound and appearing on screen. This can help you concentrate if you’re working on an important document and want to be free from interruptions or giving presentations.

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Changing the mode of external displays (Windows 10)

External displays are used for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a projector for a classroom or extra monitor for an office, they can be set up in different ways depending on what they’re being used for. You can also change the mode whenever you like if you want to use the display for multiple […]

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Set Default Printer in Windows 10

Your default printer is the printer that Windows assumes you want to use when you click print in any program. You can change the printer at that time, but the next time you go to print Windows will go back to the default printer again. By default Windows 10 managers your default printers itself. This […]

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