Clutter is outlook’s way of minimising the unwanted emails in your inbox. It tracks your email activity noting the type of emails you read and reply and the ones you ignore or delete and then uses this information to decide what to deliver to your inbox and what to deliver into a folder named Clutter.

If you are looking to turn Clutter off as you feel it may be categorising E-mails as clutter incorrectly then please read on.


Turning Off Clutter

Using Outlook 2016:

  1. Right click on the clutter folder in the left hand side of your screen
  2. Then left click on manage clutter, this will take you to the Office 365 website (you may need to sign in), you will now be met with a list of settings
  3. You will be on the Clutter settings page and from here can simply tick or untick the box saying Separate items identified as clutter
  4. Click Save

Using Outlook on a web browser:

    1. Sign into outlook on the web and then select settings in the top right when you are on outlook on the web
    2. Click on the cog to go into options
    3. From here select your app settings and then mail
    4. When here go into Automatic processing and then Clutter
    5. Deselect the  Separate items identified as clutter option
    6. Click save


If you want to stop a particular email from being delivered to clutter simply drag the email back to your inbox, this will teach clutter where you want the email in future.

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