Windows 10 Clipboard first time


Want to paste something you copied a minute ago, only to realise you copied something else since.. No problem, Windows 10 has a clipboard for that!

You can still use the old Ctrl + V to paste the last thing you copied, but for everything else there’s a new way…


To enable the Windows 10 clipboard, just:

  1. Press the Windows Key and V on your keyboard Windows Logo + V
  2. The first time it’s run, you’ll see the following screen, click Turn on to start using the clipboard
    Windows 10 Clipboard first time
  3.  You can close the clipboard now, and from now on when you copy anything using ctrl +c, or any other copy, it will add to the clipboard to be used later (the board will clear when you turn off the computer).


  1. To paste from the clipboard, just use Windows key + V again and you’ll see anything you’ve previously pasted, including images.
  2. Now just click the item you’d like to paste and you’re done.


The clipboard can even sync across devices. So if you log on to another computer using the same Microsoft account, you can paste something you copied from the previous computer. To enable this, go to Settings -> System -> Clipboard and turn on the Sync across devices option.

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